Caviar & Bull Restaurant

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If you haven’t yet had the chance to discover the culinary theater that is Caviar & Bull, here are a few reasons for you to try it, because yes!

This establishment offers a unique concept in Budapest, composed of culinary creations and sublimated by a surprising new experience, secret until the end, which will really make you travel!

Located in a wing of the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, Caviar & Bull has risen to the top of the Hungarian restaurant industry in the space of a few months. And with good reason: Chef Marvin Gauci, a leading name in Maltese restaurants, offers, as in his other establishments, innovative and creative cuisine with Mediterranean inspiration, without forgetting to skillfully combine it with a number of local products.

Here nothing is left to chance. The acute sense of detail present in the care given to the decoration, the plate and the professionalism of the staff will dazzle you long before you taste your first bite.

And for all those who are curious and passionate about the restaurant business, you should know that Chef Gauci is always delighted to be able to advise and answer any questions his customers may have about the restaurant and its creations. It is not impossible that the chef himself will come and ask you about your different experiences. This is how we were able to exchange about the new range of mate that our French company OOH FOODS has been lucky enough to offer for the last few months.

I’m looking forward to discovering the new recipes that this product – increasingly prized for its benefits – will have inspired the chef during my next visit to the Hungarian capital.

Come, just like me, and try it out!